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Additions & Remodels

Custom home design re-model AustinOur approach to additions and remodels begins by gaining an understanding of your objectives. Remodeling projects may be initiated to improve the home’s visual design and appeal, integrate sustainable design or renewable energy features, create a larger and more functional space for a growing family, implement safety modifications for a senior aging in place, or for a host of other reasons. Understanding your remodeling or addition is the very first step in our process.

At C REESE DESIGN, we will collaborate with you to set expectations from design elements, how your home will flow, your individual style and the architectural character of your home. We will work with you to set the appropriate budget for your remodel or addition that is comfortable for you and meets your expectations.

We conceptualize home remodels and additions that may introduce surprising features that captivate you without creating a shocking experience in your home’s design.

Architectural Design

Custom home architects AustinAt C REESE DESIGN, we design custom homes that are distinctive in style and character to reflect our client’s unique tastes. Our firm focuses on the client’s objectives with an individual use of form, material, and color to produce a functional, sustainable and aesthetically appealing design for each individual home.

C REESE DESIGN also works closely with your general contractor and assists you in securing a general contractor so that special design elements and budget considerations can be made during the design phase. We believe very strongly that taking a team approach among the designer, builder, and owner is critical for a smooth running project with optimum results.


architectural design in Austin TexasDesign is incredibly personal, for many reasons, and our goal is to create interiors with a uniqueness that reflect your individual style and taste. At C REESE DESIGN, we take the time to get to know you before beginning the design process. We will learn your likes and dislikes through an interview process designed to elicit valuable information that will inform our design approach.

Color is an essential design element that creates a feeling within a home. We discover what makes you feel good, including influences such as light, furnishing style, art, special nostalgic items or heirlooms that we can incorporate into the interior design in a cohesive way.

We follow basic interior design guidelines paths, such as creating a color palette that is pleasant and interconnected throughout the home rather than introducing multiple unconnected colors. We’ll create your theme – perhaps contemporary for one client or traditional elegance for another – and carry it through the home.

You will also benefit from our extensive resources. In most cases we’re able to negotiate substantial discounts that offset our design fee, saving you money while attaining the quality and aesthetic you desire.